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Authentic Leadership


Authentic Leadership

Lead your life from your core
  • Is this all there is?
  • Is there more for me?
  • Who am I really?

Being true to yourself and the core of who you are. This allows you to shape your life and your environment in line with your defining beliefs and feelings.

Both in your work and your life, you will notice that your life will become shaped from a newfound deep satisfaction.

Are you willing to genuinely work on yourself and discover your untapped potential?

Then please contact me, and I will guide you to a newer, refreshed version of yourself.

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Authenticity = Be and remain true to yourself. Be honest. Don’t allow yourself to get off-balance by counterforces.

Leaderschip = Follow your own course. Don’t be put off by opposing forces. And thus be a source of inspiration for others.

Who I am

Relaxed and powerful

I am Niels Loendersloot, and I have a passion for personal development. I live in the center of Eindhoven, and have two wonderful daughters.

A few years ago, life taught me that I was not walking my true path. After a career in the financial sector, an MBA and a divorce, I ended up in a difficult period and burnout. Gradually, I learned to live from the core principles that define me. Now I can say that I lead my life with deep satisfaction, in a relaxed and powerful way. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my habits and patterns. I’ve learned to live and shape my life in accordance with what I hold to be most important. In doing so I have found my mission in guiding people in their professional and personal development.

In our coaching I will guide you to find your own answers. Nothing needs to be added or removed. Everything is already there; you just have to develop what you have. If you are willing to develop yourself I will happily guide you to a fresher version of yourself. I enjoy moments where everything coincides, and time seems to stand still for a while. That silence gives room for growth.

Can I guide you on your path?

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Education and Certification
Gecertificeerd ICF coach
3- jarige coachingsopleiding bij Phoenix Opleidingen te Utrecht
NLP, TA en Systemisch werk
Master of Business Administration
Bachelor in Business Informatics
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  • Discover your leadership style
  • Communicate clearly and concisely

These sessions will focus on you, and your life or relationship questions. You will learn how to communicate in touch with your feelings and priorities. We examine the patterns within your comfort zone, and I will invite you to break them. I work with a concrete and measurable learning objectives that will guide our conversations and support your desired goals.

Per session
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Emotional Intelligence

coaching for men
  • Breaking patterns
  • Vulnerability in communication

Your challenge as a man is to connect with your Emotional Intelligence. I help you to harness the more intuitive powers that enable you to communicate what you stand for more clearly. You will learn to notice and communicate the subtle emotions and sensitivities from your emotional core. Being true to yourself will allow others to intuitively trust you and your leadership. In 8 sessions, I will provide you with the required tools to strengthen your leadership.

8 sessions
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Authentic Leadership for men
  • Live and work from your truths and priorities
  • Discover and live your mission

During these 2 intensive training days we will work on a deeper level of self-awareness. The training contains everything you need to permanently change your behavior by stepping out from your own shadow. We will work with a powerful tool for the male psychology that helps you break through your own barriers and manifest your mission in the world. You will benefit from the support and will be challenged by other men in the group.

2 days
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  • We will meet for a free intake interview to discuss your objectives and mutual expectations
  • I guarantee the confidentiality of our conversations. What we discuss will not be communicated with third parties without explicit permission
  • Appointments that are canceled up to 48 hours in advance will not be charged
Niels is an accessible coach, who empathizes with you and asks sharp questions, confronts you to face difficulties.
Communication engineer
Niels has guided me in a professional way to learn to effectively communicate from my "gut" feelings. I'm very grateful for his feedback and confrontations.
Sales Director
Niels is very relaxed and able to provide safety. But also someone who is not afraid to give a so-called "kick in the butt" if necessary.



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